RedHat Linux 8.0 Need help

I am a big time newbie...... I have installed Linux 8.0 .. Running great .. have internet and e-mail..... blah..blah..blah

Where I run into trouble is installing programs...... How ?

Take ICQ. I went to and got the icq for linux.... How the heck do you install it..... I can un-commpress it, but what then.....

Any help would be great..... Or a web site to goto for help on this topic.

Side note..... Under the list of programs that could be ran under linux 8.0 was Warcraft 3. When I put the cd in, Linux see's it and when I click on the setup.exe, it doesnt know what to open it with.

All I need is alittle direction. After that I will have it licked !!!!

Thank.... ( sorry for any spelling errors )


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Linux is in no way as simple as Windows when it comes to installing and running apps, as for licq, i dont know whats in the package so i dont know what files you have...
i should imagine that you've un-packed a readme of some sort, try reading that for more info.


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you should of started off with Mandrake (which is what I have on my system, but I'm under Windows right now, but thinking of going back under Mandrake)... anyways, EXE files doesn't work in Linux so what you have to do is look for one that well work for Linux. and as for installing ICQ, there should be a .sh file, if not, look for a readme file and read it.


I may actually be insane.
From the README ...


(If you have a binary distribution then see the FAQ for how to
do a manual install. Don't worry it's very easy, any monkey
could do it.)

As root:
1. Type './configure' and it will determine all the right settings and
directories for your system.
2. Type 'make' and in theory it will build. If you are using a non-GNU system,
such as FreeBSD or Solaris, you will need the GNU version of make, often
installed as `gmake'. If you get errors about "void *" see the FAQ.
3. Type 'make install' and licq will be installed (defaults to
4. Go to plugins/qt-gui and follow the directions there (doc/README) to install
the Qt interface plugin (necessary).

As each user:
5. When you run licq for the first time it will install all the necessary
files in ~/.licq.
6. You can import users from a number of other clients into Licq using
one of the conversion scripts found on the download section of the web
page or in the licq-data package.


If you have installed or will install the KDE Desktop or Gnome (the X window graphical interfaces) the process of adding programs becomes, to me, more elegant. Not so much grunt level work. Red Hat, a long time ago, created a thing called an RPM - Red Hat Package Manager. A lot of programs have all the grunt stuff packed in a file ending in .rpm suffix. Both KDE and Gnome have programs that take this file and do all the keyboarding for you. The kde application is krpm.

If you are working at the command line level, Red Hat has an application named RPM. It is executed with parameters that install an application supplied as an RPM package (*.rpm).

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Thanks alot guys.... I have both Gnome and KDE installed.. Been using the KDE one..... I'll jog on over to that web page LilBlueDawq.

Thanks again !!!!

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