Red vs Blue


27 Feb 2004
Ok, this is a web series called Red vs Blue, its made on the Xbox version of Halo using a capture card, it is enourmously funny and amusing, they have 28 episodes, 6 public service annoucements, and a few extras, its a great thing! Check it out a Unfortunately, season one episodes cannot be downloaded all at once, but check out fileplanet to get them. Or talk to me, I have them all (you can buy the dvd from the site too.)
Hilarious stuff... I watched it the other week on Internet TV thru Winamp, funny.

"you want me to stand at attention for a week??"

"you dont sound to grateful."
"I'm no stranger to sarcasm sir" -Grif
or my msn nickname (havent changed it yet)
"I can't believe I died for this war" -Church
"how did you pick up the flag??"
"I dont know, I just asked for it."

"oh man thats not good, that jeep has a really big gun"
"we'll just wait here, that thing has got to run out of bullets some time."
best line is

"Why are there 6 pedals and only 4 directions?"
Yeah, it is hilarious, just watched alot of this season's episodes over the weekend. Great stuff.
"How about Chubathingy, it has a nice ring to it" -Sarge
"We need some Elbow grease... and some headlight fluid" -Simmons or Grif
"Man... I can't go back Red handed" -Donut
"OH MY GOD! I've gone back in time!" -Tucker
"MADRED DES DIOS!" (Son of a B**** in Spanish) -Church
"Oh you backstabbing f*cktard" -Simmons
Tucker: "Command, we need men"
Command: "How long have you been down there?"
Tucker: "No not like that?"
Command: "Where's your tank?"
Tucker: "It gone"
Command: "Sucks to be you"
isnt it:
"It got blown up" or somethin?
"I'm a pacifist"
"A pacifier?"
"No I think he means a paci....(forgot)"
Yeah, they're great. :D

"I'm a pacifist"
"You're a thing that babies suck on?"
"No dude, that's a pedophile"
"Tucker. I think he means a pacifier!"
"Oh, yeah, right. I was totally thinking about something else..."
If it was green v's yellow then I would find it appealing. I am a green person, I don't look good in blue or red.
Lee said:
If it was green v's yellow then I would find it appealing. I am a green person, I don't look good in blue or red.
Err.... Well there's a yellow guy and a green (sorta) guy in there too. ;)
Only seen a few of the episodes, from what I've seen though.. top stuff :D
"It's Light RED!"
"I realize the need to safeguard your masculinity, but just for the sake of conversation its pink."
Doc receiving orders
Doc: "Roger that! Any other orders?"
Command: "Anything else? Oh yeah, says here, whatever you do don't... Oh... Ok, never mind dude, I'm not supposed to read you that part. Ok. Just uuuhh... You'll be ok, just uuhhh... be very careful, that's all"
Doc: "... Great."

"That settles it, your name is now Doc."
"Allright, but I don't think it will stick..."
*frame freezes and "DOC" scrolls across the screen*
"Oh, trust us, it'll stick."

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