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Hi I have got the three disk version of Red Hat and I want to set it up and use it as a router/FTP server. What are the minimum specs for this as my current server is only a P233mmx 32meg of ram.


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should be OK, just dont install things like X-Window support and other garbage like that. You might want to put in a bit more RAM, but I know someone running RedHat on a 133.

Its the thing about Linux and Unix, it is scablable

Oh yeah and FreeBSD rules :p


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I have RedHat 7.0 running on a 32mb/133MHz/2GB that was only because I wanted to see if the box works (which it does btw :p ) and RH was the only CD to hand.

Personally I'd go with FreeBSD as Geffy says.

indyjones Adventurer
Thanks for your help the reason i wanted to use red hat was like SPeedY_B it is the only cd i have to hand and being on dial-up cant download big other programs :(

(the server is for when i return to university in september and need to run a server for the house network (which is on broadband))


I may actually be insane.
Definately go with FreeBSD, it's much nicer for a server. More organised and nicer to use, I think.

Perhaps you could get someone on a faster line to get the iso for you and give you a CD-r?

you could also try they will send you the 2 FreeBSD 5.1 cd's for £5.00 including postage! Which isn't bad at all :)

indyjones Adventurer
Hi all thanks for your help :)

I have decided to go mad and get some more ram i have found 64meg of edo (2 x 32meg) for £32 so that with 2 of my 8megs will take me to 80meg of ram which should help from the impression i have recived here.

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