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red hat first time

ok i just installed red hat and i was looking on there web site and it is a graphical interface and when i boot up it goes into what looks like a dos prompt sccreen asking my my login and pass and i enter it and i cant get into the graphical interface.. anyhelp????
it had an error with teh file and i dont want to gother with it right now i am going to try mandrake and lycroise or how ever u spell it i like they way it looks. lol
i cant get to teh download part of the lycorise. every time i click on the ftp like it goes to the terms and privacy and i cant see where i can go form there.
wow 512 mb that is really small
this one cd is everything i need. i am hopeing that this weekend i can put it on my laptop but i am going to test it in vm ware first. is there any teat prompt in it like dos and red hat???
i may be a compleat idiot but i wanted to download the media player X Multimedia System (XMMS) because i herd it was good but i cant open the page to download it and on its home pace at http://www.xmms.org/ i cant find where to download the prog i can only fine the plugins
nice. everything is good except for the fact that under all the icons or anything there is no text, anywhere. even in the thng like the start menu there is no text. do i have to install the nvidia linux drivers??? and if so will it effect my win xp drivers???
Same thing happened to me in Mandrake. Did you follow the tutorial exactly the way it was?

For example, as per the tutorial, you should have selected your resolution as Generic 640x480 during installation, and your vid card should appear as VMware Virtual graphics card (not as an nVidia card, although its actually using your nVidia card)

Also, most importantly, did you install VMware Tools using the steps in the tutorial?

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