Red eye removal app?....


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Hello everyone,

Quick question, I am looking for a easy to use program that might help me remove RED EYE effect from pictures (it seems i have a bad camera flash).....

Anyone has any recomendations?

Thanks in advance..
Paint Shop Pro has a red eye removal tool in it from version 6 (I think) onwards. It lets you replace them with alien eyes and everything! :)


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Paintshop Pro, Photoshop and possibly Gimp. Gimp is free but I haven't used it so I'm not sure it has red eye reduction


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fellas.....thank you soo much..

I assumed that photoshop would have the tool to remove it, but i am soooooo ignorant when it comes down to picture editing that i would of never figured out how to use it.

in any case, i suck at life, and google is your friend.... (For those like me who cant for the life of them use photoshop..:p)


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You don't need to find a program, you need to find a tutorial for Photoshop or Paintshop Pro. Those programs can do it the best, you just need to know how.

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