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red eye removal action file

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anyone where i can get this, have a few pictures of my nephew here that a few people would like cleared up and he looks like a little devil, yes i have seen a few tutorials on how to do this, a few say to use clone stamp, others redeye.atn - which should come with adobe photoshop from what they say


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i would have to come up with a quick tutorial because I forget all the steps and all that, but if you choose to remove only red from the picture, that will remove it. It's in the settings somewhere. Let me find it.


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I forget how I used to do it, as normal there are many ways.

Just go to Image>Adjustments and there are tons of things in there to remove certain color, or to change things related to tone and color. I am sure one of them will remove the red for you. Sorry I could not be more of help.

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What are Photoshop Actions?

An action is a series of tasks that you play back on a single file or a batch of files - menu commands, palette options, tool actions, and so on. You can create an action that changes the size of an image, applies a filter to the image for a particular effect, and then saves the file in the desired format.

anyway i found this way easier :) - http://www.sutterphoto.com/tips/redeye.htm

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