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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by shorty420, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. shorty420

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    It won't work. I can't figure it out. I'm running and Athlon XP 1700+ with a geforce2 mx/400. Creative X-gamer and 256 meg of ram. Someone please help me out. This game worked great before i upgraded to XP. I'm really started to get irritated because it's one of my favorite games and I'd really like be able to play it. It worked great in Win98 and 2000 so why the heck won't it work in XP. I've tried all the compatibility modes. What it does is it loads the splash logo and then goes to a blank screen and then kicks me out to desktop. I have never seen a game do this and I'd like to know why this one is doing it. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. waddy

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    If your running all the latest Drivers and patches

    Try here --- click on the support tab

    They have tons of info there
  3. Spider

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    Wonder Y?

    I wonder y this happens to u, coz i've loaded RA2 as well. Though with multi booting, u can only play it in 1 OS, coz with the other the copyright stuff gets activated. However, check if u got the latest drivers, sound card/grafix card/directx.
    BTW, it is a gr8 game!
  4. shorty420

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    i know and all my friend's can play it on xp too. it's pissing me off a lot cause i played it before with win2k and loved it. i have updated everything that i can as far as i know except for the bios and i'm not about to try and flash it. i'm too scared to do that.
  5. eGoalter

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    try diff detonators

    try some of these drivers on this page, and if your using 23.11
    they are pitiful, try the 21.85, they are very stable,
    also try running it in compatibility mode, right click on the exe file
    for redalert choose compatibilty and run it for either 98, or win 2000.
  6. shorty420

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    already tried every possible setting on comp. mode. i'll try the new drivers and see if they work.
  7. MrW

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    With YR (Yuri's Revenge), I found that I could only use Det driver version 12.41 or older.

    It just wouldn't work without that version of the driver.
  8. shorty420

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    well the driver update didn't work. any other ideas?
  9. dejav00

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    I've had similar problems...ended up being my audigy card *SOB*, but that was a win2k system, i have no problems with XP Pro.
  10. Shamus MacNoob

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    L'Ile Perrot Quebec

    Dunno why I can run it fine as well on this POS ........ sorry dunno
  11. deathy

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    I had the same problem

    to get it to work

    go in the options menu and select graphics

    turn everything up to it maximum level

    and it works perfectly :)
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    lolololololololololololo........................:D :p :D
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    it was the damn linksys network card. i just put in an smc network card and it works great now. i'm so pissed off cause i went and bought a new video card because i thought it was the video card but it was just the damn network card. oh well it works now and i'm off to my lp.
  14. shorty420

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    It quit workin again. I didn't test it with a new network card but now that i have it doesn't work. before i just had no network card installed but when i put in the new one it didn't work. so now it's back to the drawing board. oh btw westwood was no help so those guys can sVck it
  15. headcase

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    Hi shorty i had the same problem when updated to xp,,all i did was uninstall it then reinstalled and it s working fine now,good luck
  16. shorty420

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    well i've already installed and uninstalled it more times than i can count. also i've done a clean install of the os 2 times since it quit working. I'm still wondering about the network card though. Cause it did work when I took it out but i didn't test it with another card until I got home. It was an SMC card and it worked a lot better than my linksys for networking but ra2 still won't open. Then I uninstalled the nic card again and took it out. It still doesn't load so I'm confused as hell about what I should do. I'm getting pissed off cause i couldnt' play at the LP I went to last night.