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Recycle bin in the Send To menu...



Anyone know how to get a recycle bin shortcut into the Send To menu?! When I start Run and open Send To menu, and drop in a recycle bin shortcut.....it stays there but doesn't show when I right click a file and go to send to !



For some reason that doesn't show up either....

Wonder if it's a reg hack like the powertoys send to features....


Prodigal Son
Just making sure.
Right click start button->open->
x:\documents & settings\username\sendto\

Where x is the drive letter, probably c:\
Where username is your name on the machine.


OSNN Godlike Veteran
Try it X, I have and it doesn't show up in 'send to'. The recycle bin is in the send to folder yet doesn't show up when you want right click and select send to.

Dirk Diggler

I've had a quick play, I put the Bin in all the "SendTo" folders but with no success. I had a play with the Desktop.ini, again no success.
Just wondering why anyone would want a Bin in the "SendTo" folder, when it there on the right-click, its called "Delete".
I am kinda wondering why the "Delete" option in the Right Click menu wasnt good enough for this, it "Sends" the selected item "To" the recycle bin.


Make sure you are showing all files and folders because the Send To folder is hidden.

Open a Windows Explorer Window or My Computer or any folder.

Then go to

Tools>Folder Options>View>Show All Files And Folders

Then the folder will appear semi transparent showing its a hidden one.

Then try putting in the Recycle Bin shortcut :)

Hope it helps.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
gonnsa just add my opinion, without a solution...delete is the recycle bin, windows figures that out, so you're going to have to figure out how to change the word delete into the word recycle bin...that's all I can offer, and I',m still wondering why this is an issue, delete is the recycle bin

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief
Yes !

And you know very well that's what he wants. !! ;)

Well, come on, spit it out or I shall have to take you down to the previously unknown Cell 0 for a bit of torture :D


OSNN Gamer

Sorry guys but dealer was right its the delete button for the recycle bin, all the sendto does is makes a copy, what you can see is a folder with a changed icon, got you going then he he he, hey Bytes back I've heard all about you Cornish nutters you keep away from my cell. OhArrr OhArrr !!!

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
dirk loves to have fun, so he'll find a way to change the word "delete" in the registry, then use the word recycle bin...or here's another idea...

first change, or remove the recycle bin the way dirk explains in the my favorite tweaks thread...then create your own file, and call it recycle bin, or trash can, or whatever, then put that in the send to file...it won't really be trash, but that's just vertuall, you can concider it an inactive file

don't get me wrong guys, I usually don't spend much time on an idea that doesn't make sence...like I said, the delete is allready a "send to recycle bin", and this effort just doesn't make sence, so, I know you guys are having fun and all, so I'm leaving the rest to you

Bytes Back

Ex Police Chief

Originally posted by TwoZigzagColt45
hey Bytes back I've heard all about you Cornish nutters you keep away from my cell. OhArrr OhArrr !!!
Ever wondered what happens to the tourists !! I'll just say Pasties :eek: :D

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