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Recomnd Graphic card for Samsung Monitor


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As an engineer trying to save eyes I just got a 20" 204B, 1600x1200 monitor and have it running analog. At that it is a great improvement, but my reading says I will do better with dvi. How much of a card is worthwhile? Reading scrolling screens and max resolution are the requirements. I'm not much of a gamer.
I got my wife a cheap 5200 and the text quality seems to been less readable than the cheap ATI cards I have. BUT. Those are older ATI cards and a newer nvidia so the comparison may not be fair.

If you're interested in reducing eye strain I'd strongly suggest looking at both an Nvidia and an ATI based card output at the same resolution you will be using.

Driver versions will also affect readability so try some older versions too. The new drivers are designed to tweak game performance, not office type applications.

And don't go too cheap. Scrolling screens can get very jerky at 1600x1200 which really causes me eye train. The $50 cards are probably not good enough for your application. Expect to spend $80-130 mail order, or twice that locally if you can't find a good sale.

Test drive both brands, which really complicates mail order.

PS Good choice on monitor for minimal eye strain. I went through 4 brands before I ended up with a Samsung. It had the least glare and best linearity.
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OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks for the help. I do like the Samsung. Much easier on the eyes than a crt. People seem to like the current line of Syncmasters

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