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Recommended Power

going to have system with:

2Ghz Celeron (but power will need to support P4 w/ 800Mhz bus eventually)
1Gb (2x 512Mb) PC3200 SDRAM
Intel D865PERLX (firewire, LAN)
52x24x52 CD-RW
Radeon 9600 Pro
2+ PCI devices
plus some fun case goodies (fans, maybe light or two, etc)

How many watts would be enough to support all of that hardware goodness?

*_* any case suggestions too? looking for a mid-tower with a door or drive bay covers(to hide ugly drives), that combined with a power unit (of whatever power you suggest) costs <$100...give or take...can get power units (decent ones, non random-brand) fairly cheap, so go ahead and be creative with the case suggestions ;)

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated
yup, at least 350 would be good for that setup. I would go with 400+ just in case you get or have a lot of USB devices, or later on decide to get a more powerful vid/sound card.
sounds good...many thanks

as for cases... checked out colorcases.com, atxcases.com(same as colorcases, actually), newegg.com, googlegear.com, a-pro.com, amazon.com, bestbuy.com, xpcases.com, frozencpu.com, coolerguys.com, tigerdirect.com, and Im sure a few more somewhere...but still to no real avail... any other places I could possibly find a solution?
Well, what kind of case are you looking for? Window, no window, ventilation, size, special features?

Maybe we can dig something up if you specify a bit.
well, am looking for a mid-tower case

side window
door on the front (or bay covers...just something to cover the drives...isnt too important, but could be nice)
aluminum is nice, but steel is fine too, as long as it isnt a really wimpy gauge that will bend easily
something with front USB, if front audio and firewire, that would be smooth too
a few fans

to put into perspective... this is the case I have my eyes on now (I know earlier in this thread I said max of $100 or something like that for case and power, but I discovered some more cash laying around...lol) Kingwin Spiffy Case there are more pictures on newegg here

so something like that would be most excellent
thanks again :D


hardware monkey
i really like that black interior. with some colorful cables and such, that would look great with lighting. i'd stay with aluminum, too. lighter and a little better at cooling.

but maybe something that allows more airflow..?
well, not going to be running anything too hot inside (not oc'ing or anything) and the case comes with four fans, even before I add any, so that is a plus... but does it really look like there will be a big issue with cooling?

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