recommended number of static IP addresses.


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Hi all,

Where I work, they have 6 static IP addresses from the ISP. This is for an office of about 75 workstations and three servers. There is at the present moment, there is no email, web or FTP server.

Isn't paying for 6 static IP addresses a little too much?

What would be a good number, even with email, web, ftp servers for an office this size? Is there a good way of distributing the IP addresses between servers?




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1 is all you really need tbh, then you put your firewall in with 2 nics and it does the goes between. You should NEVER have your main servers on the end of a public facing ip really as best practice.
If its easy to get more I would go to one, if its pain possibly keep an extra one but only if you plan on hosting stuff.

Remember internally you would use DHCP to assign local ip's and then use a firewall to get them all out to the bigger internet.

We host email/websites/remote access etc here and we can do it all on 1 ip really.


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No problem, there are a few exceptions to that where you need more ip's but generally you wont need them. We have 650 clients with 20 odd servers here and 1 is not a problem.

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