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Recommended Monitors

Ok, time for a new one. I'm looking for 19"(18" viewable) to place on my GFFX5700 ultra. Something very sharp and crisp what can handle 1280x1024@85mhz. $400 max price. Any ideas on brand, model, and place of purchase is what im looking for. Thanks in Advance, WildOptic


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At your specified price you can only take an CRT . We can recommend a lot of brands but I know you're interested in a specific model .
The only one ( 19'' ) that "took my imagination far away " is the LG F900P

details here

First off all the 19 inch CRT monitors are under $300 now so you're in good shape on budget.

I just got a 20 inch NEC Multisync Superbright on my desk at work and am very pleased with it. Flat screen no glare. The 19 version goes for under $300. AND it runs much cooler that the older 19 inch monitors we have around the office. See Essential computer, NewEgg.

For 17 inch the samsung syncmaster 753DF can't be beat for price and visual quality. ~$130


i have two iiyama, one 19" and another 17" on my folks pc. i havent had a problem, touch wood, and i run mine at 1600*1200 @ 75hertz, but u can do 1280x1024@85hertz. i live in the uk and got mine from a Manchester shop. www.aria.co.uk 19" Iiyama VisionMaster 1451 = £116.33. well cheap


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one thing you have to know about monitors and all other electrical stuff tbh if you buy cheap like 80 - 110 then you will have problems and you will probably regret buying it and which you have spent and extra 50-90quid.
some monitors that ive had or known to have had problems with
avoid 19"+ relisys monitors, my parents have one and it feels like its make outa cheese.
avoid 19"+ Hansol monitors they are expensive for what they are and my mate has one and everytime he turns on his monitor he has to adjust it.
avoid monitor makes like AOC(makes that arn't mainstream)



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WHat do you mean by not mainstream? I've been using AOC for ages and have been impressed by the quality and never had any problems with it.
Wow! this post is still going and on topic. I'm impressed...lol. Well, when the time comes for me to actually get the monitor I will let you guys know which one I get.


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what i mean is, most ppl i know have IIyama, hansol etc but none of them have AOC not even schools over here have AOC and they arn't a name that comes to mind when someone wants to buy a monitor.

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