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Recommended Indie Films


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I enjoy getting away from over-the-top production and repetitive plot lines in movies, so every now and then I will check out an indie film. I haven't seen near as many as I'd like to, but the ones I've seen lately have been very enjoyable... special effects and well-known actors don't always make the best films. I wanted to suggest a few indies and see what some of you might recommend. Pretty much all of these have come out in the past 3 years or so... I can't seem to remember any that have been around longer.

"Pieces of April"
"Whale Rider"
"Donnie Darko"
"Rabbit-Proof Fence"
"21 Grams" (also heard that "Amores Perros" was good -- same director)
"Lost in Translation"
"Requiem for a Dream"


Act your wage.
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I did see "Slackers," though I can't say for sure if it was actually "good." Kind of one of those where you say "OK" after it's over. ;)


it was really good, not sure if it was based off the colorado shootings or just a movie like what happened there. It was filmed great.. very limited but pick it up if you can find it..


Gurinder Chadha: Bend it like Beckham.

I loved the film, found it very funny when in Canada they classified it under porno, before even watching it.

Also Hanif khareshi: My beautiful laundrette, Budha of Sudurbia. <==think it was same as MBL, so long since I watched it.

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