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Recommended Hard Drives


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My current HDD is on its last legs and during my online search for a replacement i've encountered many negative reviews.If you can comment on the following drives :

Maxtor 40GB & 80GB came out the worsed many being broken on delivery and a lot only lasting 2 weeks after installation.From the UK they then must be sent to Germany for attention.
Western Digital Caviar 40 & 80GB were not as bad but still alot gave up the ghost after a few months,i heard they are also noisey.Returns have to go to Eire.
Seagate Barracuda 9 seem to be the most reliable and the quietest.
All these drives cost £40 - £50 mail order in the UK.
Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Hitachi (IBM)

thats my preference in order of preference. Nothing wriong with any of them just thats the order Ilook in when shopping :D
I've had Maxtor, Seagate and WD. Settled on Western Digital.
-The Seagates wore out.
-The Maxtor had master slave conflicts with a Seagate in the same machine (this was a long time ago and should not be an issue anymore).
-Never had a Western Digital fail or have an issue. All I buy now. They seem to be cheapest too.
I've had 3 IBM (now Hitatchi) and 1 WD fail on me. I now use Seagate drives. So far so good and quiet.

My next drive(s) will either be Seagate or Samsung.


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Had an IBM drive and it started to fail after 18 months of average use. Now got a seagate SATA 200GB drive. Very quiet.:)


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thekore said:
Go for Western Digital Caviars (SE) they are excellent, i currently use an 80GB one in my server and it has never failed.
Good to hear as I have just ordered 2x250GB Caviar SE's :D

Other than those, my two drives I currently have are 2xHitachi/IBM's, 80GB + 120GB. The 120's been working for about 2 years in 2 different machines, and the 80 has been active for about a year. No problems with either.


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I try to stick to WD's, but Seagate and (yes, odd choice) Samsung are pretty good too. The latter is particuarly quiet, from the experience I've had anyway.


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Had seagate that failed... maxtor that failed.... IBM still running as perfect as it was when i first got it...

One thing i want to ask though, i'm planning on building a new box... and wondering what the difference is between a WD1200JB and a WD1200JD. Planning to get one of the two for it.
I've had every single one of those.
Here's my order of preference:
Seagate: Reliable, and great SATA drives.
Western Digital: Never had a problem very reliable, can be a little noisy but not bad.
Fujitsu: Good drive, very durable, and quiet.
Quantum (Before they were maxtorized): Good drive, reliable and quiet.
Maxtor: Quiet, Unreliable, and problematical.
(I owned a 20GB maxtor drive which would not support NTFS partitioning (Said Maxtor tech support, when windows 2000 professional would not install on it). Since then I don't like them.


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At the moment it looks like the Seagates are just shading it from the WD.

I wonder just what these drives go through when we mail order them, some of them must have a rocky ride and this no doubt effects thier life span.
Go for any drive that has a manufactures warranty of three years with eight Meg of cache, spin speed of 7200 rpm and at least an ATA 100 enabled rive. SATA drives or ATA drives faster than this can be ignored until the bus can handle the speed. 160 gig drives can be picked up cheaply just about anywhere for less than £80. Hard drives (mechanical) are now in their terminal stage as memory prices continue to fall enabling RAM drives of the same capacity, but a factor of a decade faster.

:) :) :)

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