Recommendations for Gaming Headphones?


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My brother is an avid gamer with a wife. As you can imagine the two don’t add up all of the time. He asked me about headphones. Since I am not a gamer I cannot make the recommendation.

The only catch, they have to be available to purchase from Newegg.

Cookies are waiting. Thank you.


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Plantronics also makes good stuff. Their DSP line has it's own audio processor so you don't need a sound card and can plug it into a usb port.

Makes it easy to use it on many different systems.



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In the bargain range:

This is the closest model they have to the one I've been using for the last 5 years.

I chose it because it is lightweight and fits a wide head comfortably for 10-12 hours a day. Most headsets I've tried are way too narrow for me and cause headaches and ear pain from too much compression.

Unfortunately they have really screwed with the original design in the posted version. The boom is now crappy plastic and the last one I bought has a dead spot in the inline volume adjustment. The microphones have been excellent for gaming. The first time I bought this model it was $35, the next was $25, the last was $19 and now the egg has them for $15. The product has suffered from these price reductions, but for the price they are top notch.

My reasons for buying a cheaper headset:
Any headset will break in various places, the earpads get nasty and/or shred, the microphone booms loosen and droop as they age, vacuum cleaners, cats and dogs eat the cords. (These are the reasons I've been through 3 headsets in 5 years.)


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I have had my plantronics headset for almost 3 years, no issues, even with my cats having a go at it. :)

And I can use it with any computer since it's usb :D

Seinheisser makes great stuff though.

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