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Recommend me a SATA


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Right - I have just had so much grief with my Spinpoint 160 GB IDE drives that I am going to RMA one of them (the one that will not detect) and so I think I shall replace it with a SATA device to use the cable and give the technology a spin.

I am NOT going to be setting up any raid format - just getting one for now (and I know this means I do not get extra benefits - that is OK with me).

Would anyone here like to recommend to me a large format (120 plus GB) SATA drive that they like for operation and reliability - ideally with an 8MB or higher cache and proven compatibility with MSI Neo2 board!#

many thanks to anyone that replies


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I have an MSI Neo (not Neo2) and two maxtor sata drives (120gB and 80gB) they both work great. I have no idea about the cache on these drives but I don't really care cuz they work great.

You do get extra benefits though: It's FAST! Much faster than IDE.
Maxtor 300GB 16meg cache 7200 RPM SATA, I know Komplett sell them, I believe OcUK do too.

RAID is pointless on a desktop pc.
i have an 80gb western digital sata and 3ide western digital (120gb, 40gb, 10gb) i dont fell a difference though with the sata, but it's because i dont do much work on it but it is faster than ide


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
nice choice lord - but I do not have that budget, so placed order with OCuk for a 200 GB seagate which is about half that price I think...

also had brain wave and shall try moving slave drive out of old rig to see if my new rig detects that on the IDE - will move my data files too when I 0wn them which is neat ;) :cool:


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Nice choice going with the seagate. They are very nice and fast. Although I just don't like the fact that windows xp doesn't contain the SATA drivers in order to do a good clean install from the start, without editting the Win XP cd.

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