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Recommend ADSL modem



I am thinking of buying a ADSL modem.
I heard alot of bad things about USB version
And there are ethernet and PCI version..(isn't ethernet and PCI version similar, both in the computer.

Pls recommend me the different types and a model will be greatly appreciated.


I will be sharing the connection with another friend through a lan network...will not want to invest in a router due to the cost.
will a dymanic ip address assigned by the ip able to use for internet sharing in Win XP



Ethernet is like a big phone line. You use a PCI NIC (Network Interface Card) to connect to the DSL modem. The USB part of a DSL modem takes up this connection in stead. The main reason why USB is not a great solution is it can eat up a lot of your processor's time in transferring large amounts of data, since, generally, USB controlling is handled by the motherboard, whereas most NICs are a PCI card which usually handle transfers on it's own.

As for internet sharing, if you're not on the same LAN, you will not be able to do this no matter what without running an HTTP or FTP server or some other similar server like HotLine. The dynamic IP won't matter, you'll just have to give that to your friend, or use a dynamic DNS service like DynDNS, DynIP or EveryDNS. Some are free, some are not, etc.

But it looks like your friend will be connected locally, so this presents a bit more work for you. Either you need two NICs to connect each computer with a "crossover" cable and connect the DSL via USB, or you need three NICs, two to connect eachother and the third for the modem. The last variation I'll toss in is using a hub instead of a crossover cable. You can read plenty of posts around this board for more details on each of these, or read the "read me" at the top of the Networking forum.

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