Recommend a DVD RW Please


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Hi all

Today my cd rw is broken, what it does is it Writes Half Way then comes up wit an error ive tried Writting Driffernt file to Diff Discs but it still does it. (If anyone Knows what Causes that pls tell me) ive tried uninstalling n Reinstalling the Drviers but no look.

Anyway for the price of a CDRW i may as well Buy a DVD RW How much r they Roughly? Could anyone pls Recomment me a good DVD RW for ABout £150-£200 (UK) an pls Supply Links to websites if any found. Also What is Differennce betwenn + and + DVD RWs? also i can use the DVD RW to Write Music to normal CD's of 750mb rite?

I know im askin too much in this but im Desprite to Find one.
Pls Help me

Thanx Ste


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one is dvd+r and the other is dvd-r. these are two different formats and i'm not keen as to which one would be a better investment. someone will know.


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ok thanx, im crap @ shoppin online cos there so much choice so pls sum 1 recommend or tell me which is the best out of the 2 above, thanx , ste
The NEC ND-1300 is fairly cheap and can burn both +R/RW and -R/RW. The LG GSA-4040B can also take both plus DVD-RAM (the third format).
A guy at work has just ordered the Sony OEM (DWU-10A) Dual Standard DVD+ & DVD- R and RW DVD Burner from

for £187.99 inc VAT + £4.99 shipping. He has been looking for a DVD burner for while and liked the look of this one.

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Currently £199 at PCWorld

the 2.4x is £150 odd, and I actually purchased one, am becoming more and more happy with it, based on feedback the 2.4 (based on the NEC 1000A, I say based, but it is actually identical)

They will both only write DVD+R and DVD+RW media, but they will also read DVD-R and DVD-RW too...

There is a method of changing the book type so the produce RW media will be readable on most DVDROMs. +R media shoudl default to DVDROM media and therefore be recognised.

Check this site:


I think I will wait until they are a little faster and cheaper. Is there any sign that faster ones will be out soon? 4x and 2.5x seems far to slow to me! I got my CD-RW too early and it cost a bomb and only goes at 24x 4x 8x! And now you can get 52x 24x 52x for about £45!! It is so unfair! :(

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I saw the ricoh dvd+rw/+r burner MP5125A being sold on special for A$399, was A$799. Speed of 2.4x. A bit of digging around showed that this time last year it was A$1100. One site even went as far as saying it is now outdated & to get something newer.

I'll wait till they get their format more universal.


I did not know that either! I thought it was 2.5x the speed at which an audio file is read!


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it's burning at 2.5x the speed that a dvd is normal read at (dvd player speed). i don't know what the numbers are, but think of a dvd player (1x) reading, say, 4mb of data per second. if you burn at 2.5x that, that's 10mb/sec. a cd @ 1x is 150k/sec. so the fastest 52x cd-burner is burning at only 7.6mb/sec.

now i really have no idea how much data is read off a dvd in a second, so that's just a rough guess on my part. but you get the idea. :)

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