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Recomend me an IDE cable!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
lol I know this is sort of ridiculous - but seriously I am getting a HUGE performance hit in my ATA 133 hard drives and believe the cause MIGHT be the cable (I am using the one that came with my MSI mobo and on their forums this cable gets a bit of stick).

I really want to make sure I get a top grade 80 cable next so if someone could recommend me a definite top brand and/or supplier. Looks are irrelevant, pretty much, because case is a closed one. I have seen some expesive Belkin ones, no one seems to include specs that definitely tell you they are 80 (although I think any ATA 133 has to be, which SHOULD mean the MSI supplied lead is OK since their mobo runs that).

Anyway - advice much appreciated I have got to get my drives sorted....

As a side note would anyone recommend splitting the HD's across IDE channels? At present they are master/slave on IDE0 with my two opticals on IDE1 - it would be hard to mix/match because of drive bay location so I do not want to bother unless it has DEFINITE benefits (and my understanding is IDE buses go at speed of slowest device, which would make it a very BAD idea!)

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