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Arte et Marte
23 Dec 2002
Have built a couple of 'puters from scratch and have always renewd or reformatted HD's before installing them. The question is my daughters's one I use as backup is on the way out an I want to build a new one, but keep her HD's as they are - but I did read somewhere that the new motherboard sometimes have problems recognising an HD from another/old 'puter if it is just thrown in.

Am I talking b_ll_c_s, or is there some truth?


(PS lost my password so I am back to 1st posting - boo hoo)
With XP, you'll have more problems than it's worth if you move a boot drive to another computer, if you can even get it to boot at all.
Stay with the same chipset manufacturer and the transfer should go fairly well. I've done it several times with VIA chipsets.

DO NOT try and do the change over if the chipset manufacturers are different between the new and old MB. This is a guaranteed disaster.

To minimize risk do the folowing:
-Back up your daughters valuable data. (Songs, boyfriends emails, web links, etc.)
-Turn off all MB "on board" features (sound, LAN, etc.) except video, you need that.
-Uninstall any odd ball stuff she has like video capture, netcam, etc.

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