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8 Apr 2005
I thought it used to not extend too far over to the right, and just have dots. Was this recently changed or am I off my rocker? Looks kinda messy IMO


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You're off your rocker but yes, it does look messy
It seems to self adjust in width. If you shrink the width of your browser window in will get smaller. So if you were browsing full screen it would look even stranger. It's probably set to self adjust, this way people who browse with different widths of their web browser get varying views.

Now that I have confused you I will answer your other question. Yes, you are off your rocker. :D
Easiest way to avoid posting articles with such long titles, as it can actually cause the headline on the frontpage to wrap which looks horrible!
Why isn't there a limit on the title length then? ;)
There is and if you exceed it Henyman come to your house and cuts a finger off using only dental floss.
You assume he uses new boxes, but I suppose they do have a unique flavour.
*looks at the date of the initial post*

I see you are getting caught up EP. =]

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Also Hi EP and people. I found this place again while looking through a oooollllllldddd backup. I have filled over 10TB and was looking at my collection of antiques. Any bids on the 500Mhz Win 95 fix?
Any of the SP crew still out there?
Xie wrote on Electronic Punk's profile.
Impressed you have kept this alive this long EP! So many sites have come and gone. :(

Just did some crude math and I apparently joined almost 18yrs ago, how is that possible???
hello peeps... is been some time since i last came here.
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Rest in peace my friend, been trying to find you and finally did in the worst way imaginable.

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