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Reasons Why Windows Is Not A Virus

Reasons Why Windows Is Not A Virus
1. Viruses are free.

2. Viruses don't take up most of your hard drive.

3. Viruses don't need 80 megs of RAM.

4. Viruses don't have major bugs.

5. Viruses don't have three different sets of documentation.

6. Viruses don't leak info to the press about the upcoming Jerusalem 95, to keep people from switching to Michelangelo/2 Warp.

7. Viruses aren't on every computer.

8. Nobody cares if a virus turns out to be 16 bit, even though it is advertised as 32...

9. Viruses install themselves !


The One and Only
hmm..... how bout:

10. viruses don't get BSOD's

and... for the extreme windows haters (which is not me):

11. viruses effectively and efficiently do what they were created to do.
i would almost say if someone could come up with an operating system as efficient as a virus, i would be willing to pay double what micro$oft charges for their OS.


The One and Only
rofl. ya. i would probably "pay" for "it" too. :D

P.S. if you are kinda a bit unsure of what the quotes were for..... let's just say.... i'd pay a 3rd party for it. (i.e. my cable company for the internet access i'd use to get it.)

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