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Really Stupid GFX Question


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pic-e cannot work in pci slots, they are completely different...

pci-e x16 v/s x1 is not compatible wrt gfx cards afaik...

IIRC you need to have x8 and above to run a gfx card and transfer the data, x1 doesn't have sufficient lanes to meet the performance requirements... also I am not sure about the power delivery, I am not sure if there is a difference between x1 and x8/16 wrt what power is delivered to the component in the slot...

have to spend some time reading up about all the new tech...
a PCI-E x1 slot is too small tio fit an x16 card. MSI have stated however that you can fit an x1 card into an x16 slot though why you would want to is beyond me :D


F@H - Is it in you?
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slot should be the same... the way it is set up is going to be different though...

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