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really slow gta 3



hey guys.
when i start gta 3 its fine, but when the game starts it is really slow, if the move the mouse down completely so i have a birdseye view its normal, but when i do normal view its incredibly slow, i don't know why, i have a pentium 3 800mhz and i have 640mb ram, i also have a nvidia tnt2 model 64 32mb, so whats the problem please help!



mabye try and change the resolution you run the game at, or tuning some texture quality down?


how would i go about doing that?

update: i currently have it set at 640 x 480 x 16 colours
It is probably down to you have a Riva TNT 2 32meg card, i should think that GTA3 would need something alittle more powerful than that mate


Heh... I got a GeForce 2 GTS and it also runs slow =P

i play at 640x480x32 and notice a slight stutter every now and then.... its really really screwed =P

Using 40.41's with all GTA3 patches + compat patch


GeForce2 MX400-32Mb here, and I play in 800x600x32, and it runs fine. (AMD 900 with 512 SdRam)
I can play in 1024x768, but when it starts to rain, the game slows down a lot.
Try the 23.12 or 23.11 drivers, and make sure that, V-Sync and Anti-Aliasing both are of, the card is not fast enough for that.


I used to have a TNT2 M64 and GTA3 was basically unplayable. I had to upgrade just to play it. I tried low resolution/detail and all that but it still ran like crap. So I think you're screwed with your current setup.


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the latest dets should not really give you a massive boost in frame rate... if you check out the tests run on the new dets compared to old dets.. yes it will give huge boost in your benchmarks but overall it does not do anything significant...

tells you how important benches are...

lol and saying that we still all love to bench our rigs..

I woudl recommend a good 32meg and over card... in order to play the game... cheapest nextgen card right now is the 9000 pro from ATI.. cheapest option that I would recommend from nvidia would be the ti4200...

price wise you can get a 9000 64mb version for around 100 dollars in the us... the ti4200 64mb version should be around 130ish online...

remember to buy from good companies as well if you are buying...

if your game is slowing down with your current rig... you are not going to be able to complete all the missions with full marks... there is no way... because you are going to be required to do some breakneck driving on MANY MANY missions...

:) try out different drivers... and also a faster cpu CAN give you better fps...

the recommended settings for gta3 are 700mhzcpu /32mb vid

you are barely above that... memory wise you are fine...

make sure you DO turn off background aps before playing games..

when I do ctrl+alt+del in my winxp... I have 22 processes running... see if you can reduce the number of processes running...

this will speed up the game for you :)


I have:

XP 1900+
512MB of DDR 333
GeForce3 TI-500
(actually close to the same framerates in most games as a 4200 GF4 - waiting to upgrade to NV30).

I can just BARELY play at 1024x768 with all graphics options up/on.

Even so - when the rain effect turns on it gets a little sluggish.


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thats the res I normally play on... and I have no issues whatsoever... I had a problem with fog being too thick to see but I dled the new catalyst drivers and that took care of it...

I can generally play 1600x1200 and it is still highly playable...

also... being close to the framerates is a different matter than the capacity of the gpu to handle the information...

factors such as the speed of the gpu and memory and algorithms come into play... still I would have thought that the ti500 would handle the game smoothly at that resolution...

any patches to be dled for the nvidia users like ati users have to dl fog patch ?
my geforce 4 ti 4200 runs the game at highest res fine but on my brothers comp which is the same, gta3 runs madd slow even with the lowest settings? i don't get it, his other games run fine and we both got same comp. Gta3 is the only game that runs like crap on his comp.

any ideas?...


I play it @ 1024x768x32bits and I found it slow.. I stand up and go for a cup of coffee when the rain decides to come.. yet, fog's ok! :/


problem is definitely associated with your video card.

try turning off trails in the options and lowering your resolution.



Almost definetely the graphics card, but not exclusively. I've recently been playing this game through the transition from one moderately powered PC to a high-end overhaul. First, a DDR video card'll shift the data thru much faster. A bigger processor would help. DDR memory is a booster as well. Got a well-sized, defragged 7200rpm hard drive? It works better with one, especially if your using your own Mp3's in-game a lot. The mp3's can slow things down on slower hard drives and machines. Also, I found the official patch to be great for boosting frame rates. Game barely ever gets choppy anymore, no matter what's happening.

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