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Really need new HS+Fan! Suggestions?


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Hi guys,

With all this hot weather we've been having, my poor computer has been getting a bit too warm and the fans are going at a phenomenal rate, which has caused my computer to get very loud recently. Essentially, I've had enough of this. The case and CPU fans are pretty quiet, but I only have the bog standard AMD HSF that came with my retail version CPU. Does anyone have any particular recomendations for me? Essentially I'm not looking for anything very expensive, but something a lot better than the standard AMD one that I have, and I also will need some more thermal paste (unless it comes with the new HSF).

Oh, and I'm in the UK btw.

Many reps for any help! Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Is this any good?
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How about in the top 1/3 of the price range?

All of the Zalman HSFs are both very effective, and quiet... and fairly affordable.... If you are speaking for the CPU in your sig then goto:
http://www.zalmantech.com/ and choose from the list of AMD CPUs it should be the 7000 series coolers...
THIS is one of your models... and as you will see here in the US it ranges from $35-51 USD...

I tried looking it up in the UK but I was having major lag issues so everything was timing out...



EDIT: Aww man, this is soo much crap, I started posting my info first... and ended up third ... what gives? :( anyway... like KCNY said, Zalman rocks...
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Wow thanks for the ace quick responses. I found that Zalman one on Komplett, but they also had this one which looks the same but slightly better, despite it being slightly cheaper. What's the crack with this one, does it look ok to you guys? The link to the original Zalmam one is here.

Also, are they full on HSFs? What's the deal with the mounting kit?


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Ah yes, also what is important is that it's easy to install. I really don't want to have to remove my mobo to fit this thing if I can help it. I'd rather pay extra to get one with the standard clips on it!


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Sometimes it is a snug fit but it should still be doable. I wouldn't think the mobo has to come out to do it.

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