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REALLY Low 3dmark03 score any advice?


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hey guys im new here, i just got a new pc and thought i'd benchmark it with 3dmark03 and was REALLY suprised at the ultra low score i got of 897?
Ive got a Pentium4 3ghz the 775pin
1ghz ddr400 ram
160gb hdd
but only a radeon 9250 128mb
i know the card is probably a bottleneck here but the score just seems raelly low even with this card
any ideas guys?
its the video card :D.

If you really want to play games and get decent 3dmark03/05 scores you need atleast a Radeon 9800Pro, but based on their inabillity to make a decent OpenGL driver I'm swining back to nvidia on my next upgrade.

The 6600GT will do you for mainstream graphics and the 6800GT will do you for high end graphics.

You can ignore the 6200 entirely :D


OSNN One Post Wonder
celticfan11 said:
agreed, the video card is the weak link.
also agree on LordofLA's video card recomendations
ahh gotta go out and get another card then =\
so like really the cards like causing me to lose thousands of marks here?
yes. That p4 is a powerhouse :) the video card is like a push bike with concrete blocks for wheels. It'll go, but incredbly slowly :D

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Yeah, 3dmark is a benchmark for graphics cards, so it will affect your score a great deal. I should bench my latop which has the 9000 in ;D

You running with the latest ATI Catalysts or the drivers that came with the system?


OSNN One Post Wonder
grr @ video card then
need a faster push bike lol

anythin else i could do to boost my pc in the meantime?

im running the catalyst 5.5's EP.
i have a p4 3.2 and i was running a geforece4ti 4600 128MB and went to 6800GT 256MB, my score went from 2000 (i think) to almost 11,000.

so its safe to say your Vcard is the weak link.

to increase your score.. i dont see what else you can do to get rite away results, maybe OCing your 3.0, i OCd my 3.2 to a 3.45 and only got about 10fps gains in CS:Source, so it may be worth it if you have the experience to do so.
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