Real Time Communications Server


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Hey Guys,

What is Real Time Communications Server, and what differs it from Windows Messenger? Is it something the Home user can use other than Messenger? Thanks in advance.



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Im not 100% sure on this, but Real Time Communications Server allows the person to chat with there voice and video. I know messenger does too but its not very good. This is just what i have heard, i havent accually check this program out before.


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks Bman,

I kind of figured that it would be a Messenger type of server, But would it be for the common man, or would be it for enterprise, like for real time net meetings and so on. On the other hand, would it serve me any purpose of having it if no one else that I communicate with would have it as well. Like trying to talk to someone on the phone when you are the only one that has a phone.



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No, then there probably isnt any point to having it. Stick with messenger because thats what everybody has!

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