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I soooooooooooo hate Real Player and Quicktime... I just want the codec to be able to play them. People complain about MS.. these are just a pain in the *** as well.
RealPlayer used to toss shortcuts and startup items all over the place, but it's become a little better now. I installed the no-nonsense "Enterprise" version, and I barely even know it exists. It's just there in case I ever need it. Quicktime is dog-slow to load (reminds me of Adobe Reader 6), but again, it's not something I use often enough to be bothered by it.


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real Alternative and Quicktime Alternative are good to use. You will at certain times that they will not work though ..
The Kazaa Lite mega codec pack is superb and includes both QTA and RA along with a host of other great things; I love how it can be included in an unattended install easily too. >Download<


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The real update thing used to annoy me, sitting on my taskbar telling me about the latest happenings at "real land"!!:angry:


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The only reason realplayer is on my system is because it has to be .. I think they should come out with a realplayer lite. Something that don't have all the garbage realplayer has. I know there is real alternative. But, like I said, it don't always work ...
The "Enterprise" edition that I mentioned above is basically RealPlayer Lite. None of the "extras" that come with the regular package are included. It's just the player itself and nothing else. Just look for it and try it out. :)


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I agree that both mentioned in the first post are bloaty and i hate having them on my system, but qquite frankly i would rather have the actually supported application installed than a third-party alternative or codec.


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all the codecs are in the mega codec pack, also media player classic and bsplayer, thats why i like this codec pack so much, makes ur pc able to playback any file type. as well as telling you that real and quicktime are installed and prompts you to uninstall them, ahh its that good!
Just download the Real/Quicktime Alternative(s) mentioned above. Either one comes with Media Player Classic, and I've never had a problem with either of them. Combine the two, and should be able to play "almost" everything, without all the extra crap codec packs include.
I would just recommend using something like VLC as it will play most anything Quicktime can I believe. As for Real Player content, I would just forget about it. If someone actually wanted you to view it they wouldn't put in such a format. :)

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