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As some of you know from my other post (Lord of the rings Conquest) I am having issue installing it. I am also having issues installing .NET 1.1 and a few other applications. So I got fed up and want to install Vista 64.

It gets to the black screen and the loading files bar, then goes to the nice loading bar, and then blue screen.

If I try to install it within windows, it gives me an error there is not enough disc space.

None of this makes any sense, I know people who have installed applications and games that I am having issue on, the only difference is 64bit. How can I even get rid of 7 if 7 is the problem if my system crashes when loading Vista.

Any ideas?

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23 Jun 2004
If I try to install it within windows, it gives me an error there is not enough disc space.

If UAC is turned off you can get this error as nothing (even installers) can access the temp folder when UAC is off.
This is one of the reasons I run on the built-in admin account.

Not Bman

I have UAC turned off, I just turned it back on. Going to try the Vista install again. Though I'd rather figure my other related issues before removing 7...

*edit same issue with the Vista install anyways.


2 Feb 2004
.net 2 contains 1.1 - I'm surprised it was required to have 1.1.

Also .net 3.5 is actuallt .net 2.0.45562345243524352435 silly numbers, just to make things helpful for endusers and server administrators...

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