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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by s.n.a.g, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. s.n.a.g

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    is there anyway where i can read the file in english? when i drag into notepad there are some computer generated language.

    is this some of those encoding stuffs to make it unreadable?
  2. Un4gIvEn1

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    Looks like an encrypted file to me. I don't think you will find much help here with cracking that. It's against forum guidelines.
  3. Glaanieboy

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    The Netherlands
    I looks like a PDF file and I don't think it's encrypted, since I could see raw text, just not the markup. The reason for me to think it looks like a PDF file, is because of this (21st line):
    I tried opening it in Acrobat Reader 6.0, but it gave an error.
    While typing this, I did a further search in the file itself, and the way is was 'coded', I am certain it is a damaged PDF file, or written in an older format, a format AR 6.0 can't handle. In my search I have found this PDF file, which explains how to pack a file (usually images) within a PDF file, and the code they describe is exactly like the one I found in the file.
    Conclusion: I think this file is either damaged, or written in a format that does not follow the rules that Adobe stated for the PDF-format.
    As I said, the raw text is readable, I recommend opening the file in Wordpad instead of Notepad, since there are a type of line-breaks used in the file that Notepad can't handle. When opened the file, just scroll down to view the text.
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    have to totally agree. It is an old PDF file format, version 1.4 and i doubt you will find any version that can still open that.
  5. s.n.a.g

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    it might be a pdf file :confused:

    it's taken from a floopy disc that i believe is the key that is needed to view a program that looks like acrobat reader which contains some questions and answers to some past year exam papers.

    there's 1 cd and 1 floopy, the lecturer is selling
    this. WTF?. arent they supposed help us?

    it can only be view by the very 1st pc that runs it. i get this from my friend, and i think that's why the file i attached is corrupted.

    the floopy only contains 1 file (the attached file) , while the cd have a file with ".pyq" extension (pyq= past year question , the file i attached is pyk=past yr key) ,an exe file, autorun file & ac. reader installer.

    i can open the exe file, it looks like a ripped off ac. reader. it only has a bookmark window and a viewing window. whenever i click on the list on the bookmark, my floopy will run and a window will prompt up and says something like "support the original".

    i believe the main reason why i couldnt view the file is because of the attached file.
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    oh by the way "I will not post nasty avatar pictures anymore because it's against Forum Guidelines and I could be banned the next time" :eek: ;) :eek: :p ;)