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Reactivating Office


Stranger Than Fiction
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There is no way I can ask this question without sounding like I'm trying out some warez. I'm not, this is a real situation, however I do understand that this might break some forum rules. If this gets out of hand please close the thread.

Anyway, I have a legitimate copy of Office 2003. My boss hooked all of the techs up with a copy of his Technet version. I have no idea if this violates some technet EULA, if it does that I'm SOL. Assuming I'm still in the clear I'll continue. I installed Office some 2 years ago, since then I've received a new system, I reinstalled Office and the activation check fails. Since it's not my Technet subscription I can't really call MS. But I am wondering, is there a place in my old system that stored the activation info? If there is can I just copy that activation folder into my new computer and cause it to be reactivated?


Stranger Than Fiction
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That's exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately it still prompts to connect and activate, then tells me that our product key has been activated too many times. I guess I'll have to get my boss to be me Office 2007 instead.


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TechNet Subscriptions are per user.

However, are you installing the version included with his TechNet Subscription or are you using a Retail or OEM CD to install?

TechNet Subscription Product Keys only work with TechNet installation discs or Direct downloads.


Stranger Than Fiction
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I don't know what type of CD he had. He copied the contents of the disc to the server and we just install across the network.

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