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Re: This forum badly needs a dedicated troubleshooting category


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Posted by Bandwidth
This forum badly needs a dedicated troubleshooting category,
moving troubleshooting posts to applications for os questions just doesnt fit. Its also confusing for ppl who would look for a trouble shooting section applications never looked to me ever as the troubleshooting section i always assumed it was only for 3rd party programs.

ok if my argument isnt good enough to bring about change then i appeal to the one thing that has driven mankind to change , lazyness.... surely it would be easier for the moderators if they have a more obvious trouble shooting category and therefore cut down on the number of posts that have gone to general due to confusion and therefore had to be moved.
well basically the reason for there being a software section and a hardware section and what not is so that people with problems can simply go and post in that section and people who know about these things (ie people who are good with software or hardware) can help them out...

for me it is the logical way to go...

it would not hurt to look into the creation of a "trouble-shooting" section...

also people who do have posts in the general forum normally will be informed of the move to a separate category... its been a while since I moved stuff but I always have somethng to inform that person that their post has been moved to the appropriate category..

the whole thing about lazyness... you have to understand that some posters lazyness itself leads to mods having to move posts... though it is a 2 way street :)

the purpose of the forums is to have a community that can share information/ideas et al...

we'll take a peek at making a new category... though that really is not up to me :) ... still keep posting m8... and enjoy... :)

[edit] well I guess we are going to have some kinda conference on this... :) [/edit]


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I must admit it can be confusing where to post sometimes, the main problem being when you have a problem with Windows itself as its not an application as such, i know everything within reason does have its own section/ctegory, but it can be confusing....
It all depends what you want to post about, if theres a section that fits the description exactly, or is just kinda related.
Either way, the forums work as they are now so there's no REAL need to change them or create any new sections.


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We are always looking for ways to better the site and better serve our members (obviously by the title of this section :) ). Suggestions are always viewed and discussed by the entire team, I'm sure once everyone sees this, it will be discussed and decided whether such a section would better XP-erience.
Bandwidth - Fully understand what you mean... A "Misc Troubleshooting" section would be good. Would stop quite a few problems on the site.

Will be discussed in the next staff meet.

Thanx for mentioning it :)



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Personally i think most of the confusion lies in the Name "Applications" which does imply Third Party programs, or Office and things like that. But that forum has always been the place for General OS questions (that don't fit into tweaks (which i think should be renamed back to tips and tweaks) or the others)

So basically a rename of the forum Applications to something like Applications and OS's (or whatever) would clear up most of the problems

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