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RE: resizing Picture



hello all. I am trying to resize a GIF picture for my avatar. I have
Hp-photo. it does not open the GIG. i try and open in paint and it works,but when i try to resize, it takes part of the photo out. Anyone have any ideas on this? I am trying to get it down to 90 by 90 for the avatar. If anyone could help me out i would appreciate it..Maybe send me some avatars or somthing. I am parchial to AMD'S. Thanks.


Thanks alot [CpK]Bastid!!! I just found a nifty little site that edits
pics of anykind...pretty cool.. myImager.com again thanks
You CAN resize an image in Paint if you really want to. The output looks pretty crappy, but just go to Image -> Stretch/Skew and enter a percentage of the original size ( under 100% to decrease, over 100% to increase). Use the same value for both dimensions. Like I said, the result is pretty crappy, but if that's all you got...

Photoshop is the best way to go, Jasc's Paint shop pro is second best I suppose.
No, in those other programs, you can resize MUCH better! You can resize by percentage or by pixel size. You can lock the aspect ratio so both dimensions are resized equally (prevents squashed or stretched images). The biggest "plus" to those others, esp Photoshop, is the superior resized image quality. Paintbrush pixellates and makes the pic look really crappy. PaintShop pro does a much better job, but Photoshop has the best quality IMO.

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