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Re-install XP Pro But Can't See Partition I made!


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hi. it came to a point that my xp pro files are corrupted and wanted to re-install and format the hdisk. i had partitioned my 60Ghd to 30 and 30 but when i inserted the setup disc at startup it only shows 1 partition, 57G+. why does it not show the other partition? the 2nd partioned part is all my data files and i have nowhere to copy it, 25G files all in all. I used to reinstall and format the 1st partition with no problem because it saw the 2 partitions but now, no more.
hope you can help me. thanks a lot.


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I had a 30gb Partition dissapear on me. my problem was I used software to partition my HDD as opposed to Windows own partitioning utility.

Q: Have you installed XP now?

If so goto Administrative Tasks/Computer Management and click on logical disk drives. Here you can view the partitions windows reads. If you see a hidden partiton or a partion with no drive letter then you have the same problem I had.

You mentioned corrupt windows files ! I am not 100% sure but it may be why you can't see the 2nd partiton.

Have you used any partitoning software apart from Windows?

This may be the cause if so. Although I am suspicious of what I used " Partition Magic Pro : this software may be able to recover the hidden partition, because it can partition a hard drive even after you have Windows installed. Just a suggestion.

I am not an expert but I hope to be one day. good luck. :eek:


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hi. i had used Partition Magic Pro too and i haven't reinstalled my xp pro. i can see my files on the 2nd partitioned just fine and i still have all the files. only when rebooting with the xp disc and to start the installation the system does not show the Hdisk as 2 partitioned parts but only 1. thanks for the post. :)


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Maybe consider using the Repair installation from the XP disc, rather than a complete reformat? I think that should work for you... But let us know.


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i was able to load the recovery 'dos window' but i don't know what to do from there. the only drive that shows is "F:/ windows/" -> this is my other drive and should it show c:/windows instead? what does the Recovery do? does it move back the original installed files and softwares that were installed wont work again? so i just have to delete it manually? thanks.

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No, what you do is go through setup like you are going to install Windows ignoring the first recovery option as that is only the recovery console.
Just keep going like you are installing fresh and you will get to a point where setup detects versions of windows already installed then gives you option to repair it and it is then you pick to repair.


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What zombie said - make sure you do a Repair install and not a full one - else you will end up with extra user account folders though (there's a thread I made when I did that! - called Spawning user account folders I think incase you need it)


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i had tried "as if to install a new fresh OS" what it came out was an error saying that Xp can't recognize the hdisk that i need to delete the partition to install the OS which i didn't because on my 2nd partition i have a 20G of important files. i have a cdr but i am still trying other option, that'll be a lot of discs to burn. i'll check your posted thread too. thanks.

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