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re-install windows XP



I want to install windows XP in an new-installation and remove the old one.. to get an "fresh" installation of XP.

When i get to the part where you can choose on which partition i wan't to install windows. I can remove some partitions and I wan't to remove the C: partition (and some other) but when i try to remove the C: partition it says that it has some installation files that the installation needs.
This is bad because i wan't to format that drive(and some others)

Then i saw an option to choose where the installation files are to be put. I try too choose an other drive then C: to use for storage but when the computer restarts and i get back to that screen it still says that it has some files on the C: drive that the installation need.

So basicly im pretty lost... have i missed something or am i doing it the wrong way... any help welcome



I tried to just put the CD in the drive and start the computer(making sure the CD drive is first on the booting order in BIOS) but the CD didn't boot... It said Boot from CD but no installation appeard only the plain old desktop.

the way i do it Now is that I start setup on the CD(in windows) and choose a fresh install there... then it wants to restart the computer and the install screen appears. But i can't remove the C: drive there... because it copies some files it need to that drive when im in the windows pre-install screen...

I've installed XP 4 times before and i have never had this problem... i must have forgotten something or done it differently before...


I've got it too work.. it was an cable that was wrong... i had it connected to slave instead of master "Big L" on me! =P

now i just have to find 6 disks... and thats easyer said then done in this house...

you guys don't know anything about the "windows pre-install window" that maybe bugging me... ill try the disks for now i guess...


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Basically, you won't be able to format the C: partition if you are trying to install XP that way. You're correct in that files that are needed for installation reside on that partition, which is why it cannot be formatted. I'm curious as to why your CD didn't boot properly, especially since you set that drive as the first to boot in the BIOS. If you get that "press any key to boot from CD" message, you should do so or else your system might bypass it and continue booting normally. The boot disks are a good option and will do the trick, but if you don't have any extra floppies lying around then you might work some more on booting to the CD.


Rejoice!!! i just got it too work! I used the floppys and it worked perfektly... a little slow but that might be because i have an almost-crashed-CD-DRIVE oops... anyways...

I might have missed that press an key to start installation bit because my screen covers the lowest parts of the startus-bios-dos like thing... startup! soo i might just have missed it!

anyways! it works!:rolleyes:

thanks for your help... I appriciate it!

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Good to hear you sorted it out. :) Even if you don't press the 'any' key it should continue with the booting process. CD-roms are dirt cheap now. You should think about getting another just in case.

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