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RDC to XP Home


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OK I have a feeling I already know the answer, but I wanna try anyways :)

I have a Macintosh that I want to use to connect to a Windows XP Home box. I connect from my XP Pro box using Remote Assistance, which I know can't work on a MAC. I know a MAC has a RDC connection, but there is no RDC on XP Home.

I want to connect in the sense so that I can show someone how to do something, which is why Remote Assistance works well. Any suggestions?


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I thought about VNC actually.

Unfortunately, the version for the MAC is still in development which does not help me :(

Admiral Michael

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also the remote desktop built into XP Pro basically locks out the active user (the multi user cracks cant do the same user twice).

Since you want to allow the person to view whats happening then you will need, like you said,something like VNC.

This is a shot inthe dark but is there a netmeeting version for MAC?

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