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I frequently need want to shutdown my desktop machine over RDC on my Mac laptop. Usually because I have the monitor hooked up to the Mac as well and don't want to have to unplug it just to turn off my desktop.

In the past I am sure that I just did something along the lines of "shutdown -t 10", disconnected and then a couple of seconds later the machine shut itself down.

Now though whenever I try it I just the help bomph. I've tried "shutdown /t 10" as it would seem to indicate thats how it should be formatted but I still get the usage bomph each time.

Anyone have any ideas whats going on here? Ideally I'd like to just hibernate the machine or something, but usually when I want to shutdown the machine I can't be bothered to go and find out how to do that when just trying to get the damn thing to shutdown is such a pain.

The last couple of times I just resorted to logging off in Windows then holding down the power button until the motherboard cuts the juice. I know thats not the most favourable thing for a Windows machine, but I just get so frustrated trying to get it to do one simple thing that I dont care whats better for Windows, it just deserves whats damn well coming to it so to speak.

So if anyone can shine any light on how to sort this out so I can easily shut down my desktop remotely I would be much obliged and I am sure my Windows machine will be the better for it.
I've tried the "shutdown" command a couple of times before, and it's worked for me. Check this out, and see if any of the alternatives work for you: http://blogs.msdn.com/oldnewthing/archive/2006/10/20/849575.aspx

Also, if the Windows machine is nearby, you can also try using the Power Options in Control Panel to map the physical power button to shutdown/hibernate. That way, if you just push the power button (don't hold it down), it should shutdown or hibernate the machine, depending on your settings.


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As AZ pointed out, the -s switch is needed. I do this rather frequently, although I tend to use the -r (reboot) switch more often.

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If you run the remote desktop in full screen hitting ALT+F4 will actually bring up the shutdown box for the remote system. I've used this a few times.

If it's not in full screen it will disconnect the session (will prompt you first).
if you have xp style task bar click start > windows security, options to shutdown/restart should be present.
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what OS is the windows desktop running?
Windows XP x64 which oddly translates into some kind of Windows 2003 thinger

I'll have to try the Alt+F4 thing. Many thanks so far I will report back when I boot my desktop machine tomorrow morning (off to bed now)


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The Alt+F4 trick worked. Thanks all :D

LordOfLA the security thing brings up Task Manager which will then let you shutdown, restart or logoff. Alt+F4 is nicer as you can standby or hibernate as well.

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