Raxco PerfectDisk2000 v8.0


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From a recent email I received:

Dear Valued Raxco Customer,

We are pleased to present a special early bird notice to you!

PerfectDisk Version 8.0 will be launched to the general public on September 12th, 2006. Because you are covered under our Support and Upgrade Protection program, we are happy to make Version 8 available to you now, ahead of the general release.

PerfectDisk 8 contains many enhancements, including:

- new Command Center console if you are managing multiple machines
- redesigned user interface
- faster engine including new patent-pending Resource Saver technology for faster file access
- new intelligent Screen Saver mode
- new graphical displays
- enhanced scheduling options with AutoPilot Scheduling (formerly Scheduling)
- new Single File Defrag
- new Consolidate Free Space
- new CPU and I/O throttling
- new automatic Shutdown after defrag
- new Power Management

PerfectDisk 8 is another big step forward for the industry's leading disk defragmenter.
And here's a screenshot: http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h236/rotjong/PerfectDisk2000/pd2k8.png. I have to say I am not enthusiastic about the GUI.



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Bought the last 2 versions as well as having various conversations with em, never got this offer :s
Do you have the support and upgrade protection? I've been using PerfectDisk since version 4. I just received the email yesterday if my memory is working correctly.

The "workstation" version seems to have been replaced by what is now called the "professional" version.

does it show defrag progress in realtime like OO defrag?
I've never used OO. How exactly do you mean real-time? PerfectDisk shows the files being moved as it is defragging if that is what you mean. You see the fragments moved and consolidated. Nothing has changed with how the view is compared to the previous versions, however, minus the fugly colour scheme they're using now.

OO defrag shows whcich blocks its reading from and writing to as it processes them. PD 7 just updates huge chunks as and when on my PC.


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OO defrag shows whcich blocks its reading from and writing to as it processes them. PD 7 just updates huge chunks as and when on my PC.
At the bottom it shows which file is being moved/optimized/etc. I don't think in PD7 you could but now you can click on a button to see the filename of the current file being dealt with.



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How can one control PD on another machine with the erm.... connect to another pc function? I've never been able to do it. Do I need to have a server & client version of the product or something?

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