[Rant]-Loyal Customer Abuse.



This really Cheeses's me off about symantec. I have a legal subscription service 'live update', it's set to run in background 4 times per day to make sure all of my symantec products are upto date.

I visit a site also 4 times per day, which lists a lot of the software I post here, credit I give them for that and on at least 4 days out of the 7 in the week they have Norton Antivirus Updates. I just downloaded one today.

I thought the whole idea of 'live update' is you pay for an update service as part of the package and they don't or won't allow 'live updates' till usually Thursday or Wednesday at the earliest in the week.

Why should we have to go searching for latest .def files to make sure we are clean and also not infect anyone else when we have paid up front for a 'live update' service?

I think they should release all .def files to 'live update' at the same time if not before they allow manual downloads.

O.K. If you have a similar thing about software companies like the example above please post so we can get educated and not get Cheesed off and make sure we think twice about paying for something!


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I'm not sure why they only update 'live update' once a week with defs but you can grab them anytime if you visit the symantec site .


I do check every day at Geeks, I don't know why either, it's odd, infact I am going to e-mail them again.


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lol i get same with Norton set to check for updates but never happens soon has i search i get loads on 2003 and im sure it worked on 2004 but dont seem to now :dunno:

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