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randome rebooting

ok people. here is one for yea that i tryed last night but not too sure on. i have a few ideas but just a few. heres the problem

i just built a new computer into a case that was on order for a month.
aspire Qpack case
amd 3400 S754 CPU
1gb samsung memory
asus K8v-mx motherboard
aspire 420W PSU
2x seagate 160gb hdd's
samsung DVD burner.
quadro 750xgl 256 card.
there are no lights in the case. and there is a 120mm fan at the rear.

the CPU does not get hot. it sits about 39 and case is about 30. max i have see the sys go to was 51

it will happen in windows when doing nothing. or it will happen when chatting on net or anything. its totaly randome. does anyone have any ideas?

i have tested mem with memtest 86.
the cpu in anouther system for 4 hours works fine.
video was pulled from working PC. and its not getting hot.
and i can get 3dmark 2005 to run just fine on it too but the second time i did it, it restarted after i finished it.
also the system is on a UPC that is also running anouther pc and its fine. and the power status is also fine.

i aws thinking possably the PSU or a bad hdd, anyone else got any ideas tho that i should try?
does it BSOD before rebooting? or does it just reboot. Check for shorts. I had a pc that would reboot when it was nudged a bit, it was a shorted out wire. But if you arent nudging or moving the tower at all, this may not be your answer.


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My bet would be on the PS. Buy another one at a local store, hook it up and see if it reboots. If it doesn't reboot, then it's not the PS and you can go return it to the store. If it is -- problem solved :)


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This may also be the RAM, even though you tested it with the software. If you have two sticks, try using just one at at time and see if it happens. I've had bad memory crap out on me and do exactly what it's doing to you.
ok the PSU i just got off the shelf now but mem hmmm. LOL it never really corssed my mind about that one. wow ok. but when i get home i will check that out also and i got a new psu so that works well too

any other ideas tho?

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