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random two


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Lenin is dying and he calls Stalin to his side:
-Stalin, I'm worried for the future of our people. Do you think they will follow you as their leader?
-Yes, I'm certain of it.
-But what if they don't?
-Well, then they will follow you.

Small town in the middle of nowhere. A blonde bombshell driving a Rolls-Royce parks right in the town square, she gets down and calls one of the local hicks:
-Come with me, handsome.
Another guy says:
-Oh man, it's you! you are so lucky!
He walks up to the car, the girl tells him to get in and they drive away. After a while the hick returns driving the Rolls.
-Hey, man, tell us what happened!
-Well, nothing... we drove up to the mill, we got off the car, she took her clothes off and said "take anything you want from me". So I brought the car.
-You did good. Why would you get the clothes if you don't have any sisters?

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