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Random Keyboard Problem


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I don't know how this happened, all of a sudden, I mean that, none of my (multimedia top of keyboard) keys work. If I press any of them it freezes my computer. I have been using this keyboard fine since I bought the computer, no problems. I have made no changes at all to the system.

Why is this happening?

I have a Aopen S500 keyboard.


OSNN Veteran Original
This seemed to happen abit after returning to normal clock speeds.

Could I have damaged something, how would I know, and know what thing I damaged?
If anything got damaged overclocking it was most likely the MB chipset. It may get overclocked too if your MB doesn't have seperate PCI bus clock settings. The CPU is protected and the RAM is pretty rugged.

The good news is the MB is the cheapest system component. :)

The bad news is there is no way to tell if it got "bent" a little from overclocking stress. :(

Locking on a keyboard function call seems unlikely as a MB problem though. More likely is that the multimedia device being called by pressing the key has a problem. Try doing the same function from windows or a command line.


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Well the other day, I ended up accidentally pressing on the those keys, and it worked without freezing anything, but it wasn't the main key that started the whole thing. I don't want to press the other one, I hate restarting my computer. I guess I will have to, see if it was some weird thing, I don't want my new computer damaged already lol...

I will get back to you.

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