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Random Freezes



I'm having major problems with random freezes in XP at the moment. So far I have
done a fresh install, installed all patches and this still happens.

I have done several scan disks and they run fine and report no errors, however the
problem is still happening. It can happen at any time, even if I'm not at the computer.
I thought it may be a problem with my D drive, so I try to defrag and it it froze
during that.

I believe I have the latest drivers installed for all my software.

can anyone offer any sort of help

brief info on my system

Windows XP Pro
AMD 1.2ghz
768mb ram
ATI Technologies Radeon 7500 Video Card, PCI, 64MB
Alcatel Speedtouch USB Modem


What are some of the tasks running in the backround? (CTRL + ALT + DEL) What are you using for an Internet browser? I use MyIE2 and I am experiences temp. freezes with the popup blocker. Also, When does it occur?


do u remember what u were doing, before this happened? right click the task bar,clik task manager and check to see which process is using up 100 percent of ur cpu.maybe we can go from there.
If you THINK its your D drive causing this - then simply remove it and see if the problem happens again. If it dosent then, hey presto, if it does, well at least you know it aint that and you can stick it back in.

Otherwise, play around with your harware, by removing bits and replacing them if you have any spare. The abcense of any Blue Screen is indicative of something happening that the Software is unable to trap before it becomes lethal to the stability of the system. I presume you get no error report from XP when it restarts as well.

Alternatively, start afresh (again) with XP and dont apply any drivers, then add then one by one to find the cause. I know this is long winded, but what else can you do?

Good luck.


i think my hard drive is on it's way out so to speak, as it is running slow and sluggish

but i think the cause of the problem is the loverly heat wave here in the UK. As removing the side of the case has cooled it down and it doesn't appear to be freezing anymore

will monitor over the next few days
Whats your CPU temperature (in the BIOS usually)? Are you overclocking much / at all?

And what type of CPU heatsink do you have?

Opening the case might just keep it below the point where it crashes, this could be the hard disk, but chances are the CPU is also a pretty big culprit as well.

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