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Rams sue Patriots for $100m

American Zombie

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A lawsuit filed yesterday by a former St. Louis Rams player and others seeks millions of dollars in damages from the alleged taping of Rams practices by the New England Patriots before the 2002 Super Bowl.
If the Rams win this case then other teams who lost to the Patriots during this "taping" era will sue the Pats too is my guess.



Glaanies script monkey
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Talk about a sore loser. Where'd they get the 100 million figure, were they watching Austin Powers?


Beware the G-Man
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Talk about a sore loser. Where'd they get the 100 million figure, were they watching Austin Powers?
Well if you think of the bonus money for winning the Super Bowl and all the endorsement deals that the Rams and/or Rams' players didn't get for winning the Super Bowl...

Perris Calderon

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I'm surprised people think there shouldn't be redress when one team steals from another.

it's not only dolar figures, there are going to be punitive charges which prevent future theft, the damages have to make the crime unprofitable, it can't be a dolar for dolar figure, there has to be a punishment that goes beyond what was actually lost and gained through the theft

I have no idea if there's a case for redress here, I don't know the evidence, I don't know if both teams had a mutual understanding that this was standard proceedure, but if in fact one team stole from another, and there wasn't some kind of mutuality, why shouldn't the team that was stolen from have the oportunity for redress and compensation?

and why is that being a sore loser?

sometimes I just don't understand the human nature when a person supports another person or team, that person or team can do no wrong, when they're caught stealing it's "well, everyone does it", as if that's an excuse of some kind, or they refuse to even see the cime even in the face of the obvious..it's funny how people behave when they are faced with the obvous crimes of people, parties, teams they support...bizarred
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█▄█ ▀█▄ █
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Its the principle and value of sportsmanship is what has been lost. Its very odd that we have the Pats winning 3 Championships and finding out they "allegedly" videotaped the other teams plays. This will all be swept under the rug for the simple fact that the NFL is the top sports league. any negative attention would tarnish its image. Just look at what baseball is going through.

let them pay the $100 million.


Beware the G-Man
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And think about it, would Tom Brady have the girl friend he has (Gisele Bundchen) at this moment if it wasn't for the notoriety of winning the Super Bowl? He would probably still be with Bridget Moynahan. But then again he may not have met her either. Hmmmm....

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