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I installed ramdisk, set size to 19, and moved my internet temps to it. So far, so good.
I seem to have lost my emails that I was saving (opened but not deleted). Where are they? The only file I have on my ramdisk is internet temp.
Should I change my outlook files to ramdisk, if so how?
I can't figure out how to set the entire system temp to my ramdisk.
Any help appreciated.
Oops! I just found out I lost the use of outlook express completely. I cant send, view or receive mail. Is just bad timing, or can someone say if ramdisk is the cause.
I can't help you with a solution but can tell you it's not bad timing.

The same thing happened to me when I tried using Ramdisk. Lost all my saved emails and the use of Express as well.

Maybe I wasn't holding my tongue the right way and did something wrong but I took it off anyway. :p


According to my calculations, the problem doesn't exist.
I know I'm going insane. I loaded Alecstarr's ramdisk. I thought all was well.
As above, I lost outlook.
I just went to do system restore, and IT IS Gone!!
I have no restore points. I created one just before using the ramdisk, plus about ten in the past few day/weeks!!
Any help out there???
I'm not sure what ramdisk your using. I'm using the one from AR Soft. I have it running at 122mb (won't go higher - glitch in the program). I have my Temporary Internet Files assigned to it. I haven't had a problem at all with it... been using it now for about three weeks. I boot up, there it is. I have no idea why you're losing OE and/or your emails. I guess I'd suggest ditching the one you have and go after the AR Soft Ramdisk, you want to install the one for NT.
Originally posted by stapler101
I know I'm going insane. I loaded Alecstarr's ramdisk. I thought all was well.
As above, I lost outlook.
I just went to do system restore, and IT IS Gone!!
I have no restore points. I created one just before using the ramdisk, plus about ten in the past few day/weeks!!
Any help out there???
Yikes!! Looks like you're going to have to at least do a repair installation. I have no idea how to get past the no System Restore thing.
Yep, also lost my system restore as well. I used APK's Ramdisk program. :(
Put the CD in the drive, or navigate to the installation folder on your hard drive. In the folder 'i386' find the file winnt32.exe and launch it while you're in XP... It should give you the repair option pretty quickly... Hang on while a do a search, someone posted a link to an article about repair installations. When i find it i'll post the link.

Here it is:


In the left column, under Windows XP, is a link for 'repair installation' instructions.

Make sure you lose that ramdisk first... I think AlecStaar posted somewhere how to remove it from the system... you get to do that part, lol.
Lonman, thanks.
Another question. In moved my temps to a file in the ramdisk.
Now that I've lost the ramdisk, my internet shows no temp file. Everytime I try to create one it says "file has insufficient room" (something like that).
How do I create a file like Windows temp?
For now, in IE> Tools> Internet Options> 'General' tab> Temporary Internet Files 'settings' button> 'move folder' button. Just put the folder somewhere on your hard drive and increase the size to 100mb or something. I think (not positive) that the repair install will redo it anyway. After you do the repair, look to make sure.

You guys owe me... I found Alec's instructions on removing the ramdisk:

"With mine, all you'd have to do is remove C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\Drivers files of these names:


(Or, wherever you copied them too...)

* Prior to doing that, you might want to use Control Panel-> System Icon-> Hardware Tab-> Device Manager & you will see the MS-DDK patterned Sample Driver there, that is its driver... uninstall it!

(Real easy, real simple... both the install & the uninstall!)

The BIG diff. between mine & other ones? MINE WORKS! Other ones do not or are MASSIVE TROUBLE to install & use as you can see from reading this thread's postings... so, I figured I'd turn folks onto one that DOES work, mine, & is fairly easy to install/uninstall is all!"

I left the last paragraph for ironies sake, lol.
Still need help.
Did repair with no luck.
I still can't use outlook. I get tcp\ip error message if I try to send or receive mail.
Also, I still show no folder under current temp internet file . I tried to create a temp folder and move files. I get error showing that there is not room to move files. I delete all cookies and temp files and still cant mover folder. It says choose a number betweem 0-1 for file size??
I think the ram disk that alecstarr talks about has fried my system.
I hope he sees this and can help.
AlecStaar isn't a part of xp-erience.org anymore. I hate to say it, but my suggestion is to back-up the valuables and start over.
I've been waiting to see a post like this.

When my PC went down in flames, I was quick to blame
System Restore for the problem, but System Restore only
failed after I installed a RAM disk. Not sure if it was APK's
or not.

If your system is as hosed as mine was, your only means
of recovery is to do as Lonman said and backup as much
as your can, format your drive and reinstall XP.

After my System Restore crash, I attempted a Repair installation
of XP, and that was when things went very wrong.
Absolutely!! I salute anyone who used(S) the APK ramdisk successfully, but I promise it trashed everything except, strangely enough, internet explorer (once I got my temp files back in place).
I tried everything I knew plus all you good folks suggested and I never made any improvement at all.
I just finished a reinstall and downloaded the xp patches. Now the work starts.
By the way, the first time I installed xp I got an error in the event log that says something like :the system event failed to fire (that is close).
I finally cured it, but I forgot how. Anybody know?
Thanks for all replys and help.
If I had not found this site about 45 days ago, I would have uninstalled xp, went back to 98, and forever thought xp was junk!

You guys are scaring me! I'm running APKRamDisk also and last night I checked my system restore points and well they were gone! So I set another one, and POOF! it too was gone when I checked it a couple of hours later.
Now here is the ironic part. I use TweakXP and went into it and checked for restore points and the one I had set was showing up. So I set another restore point in TweakXP and it is still showing up today. Also, my system had been up for over 3 days and I shut it down last night, which may explain why the system restore point is still there. Or it could be that I set it in TweakXP. Don't know for sure.
But as for APKRamDisk I know this: The RamDisk driver is from Microsoft (I presume other companies have their own? especially those that go above 32 meg?) with a GUI front that he wrote. You can check it out in the Ramdisk.inf file.
So is it possible that MS Ramdisk driver and system restore don't get along? And does system up time have anything to with it also? I don't know enough about how system restore and ramdisk work to draw any conclusions but I'm sure someone here does or can find the info somewhere.

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