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It's been a while since I built my system. Do I need two sticks of RAM on my 4400+ Dual Core system ... or just one? I've installed all the hardware, but I get nothing.


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CPU fan doesn't work. Motherboard fan works. Motherboard power LED is on. I know the CPU fan works I tested it.

Shamus MacNoob

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Have you plugged the correct power connectors for the CPU like the 4 pin connector and what about power supply is it strong enough for this 4400 X2 ? Did you change motherboards or something ... whats the history here ? This is a new computer ?


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CPU Fan not working (nothing is working)

So I built a new PC for the first time in a long time. Everything seems to be installed correctly. As I turn on the power, the CPU Fan doesn't work. I use the retail fan. I know the CPU fan works after doing some testing, it just doesn't work when installed. The motherboard fan works and the LED light on the MB works. I don't get anything on screen as well. Any ideas?


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This is completely new. What are you referring to when you say 4pin? The power supply is 480W ... I'm pretty sure it's powerful enough. This is the motherboard I'm using:


EDIT: OK, i found the 4 pin connector, it seems that did the trick. It's booting, but since UPS was being smart by shipping my LCD screen to Dallas from Memphis instead of straight to Minnesota first like it did with the other packages, I'm gonna need to use this screen. I will be back, hopefully with success.

Can any of the moderators please merge this topic to the one I posted in PC building forums? Or delete the one there and move this over. Thanks!


Mr. Bananagrabber
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I doubt 480w is actually powerful enough...
It might die on you eventually, anyways, glad it works now...


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Why wouldn't it be powerful enough? Every PS benchmarks I've seen says its plenty. It's not like I'm running a million peripherals and SLI.

Shamus, thanks for the 4-pin suggestion. I had a brain-fart that you fixed.

I'm up and running now. Just updating drivers.
Post the power supply model or the +12V rating(s) 12v1 and 12v2 if it is dual rail.

Not all power supplies are created equal. 480W on an ATX 12v 2.0 or 2.01 power supply is plenty unless you are running top end SLI cards.

The pre- V2.0 power supplies have all the power on 3.3 and 5V. The new CPUs and video cards need it on +12V. Preferably with two independent +12V outputs (called rails).

An Antec true power II would be just fine. An Antec Smart Power may not. You have to look at the current ratings now, or make sure the spec says ATX 12V 2.0 or 2.01
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Now that I look, its actually 450 watts.

I'm using the stock power supply that came with the Antec Sonata 2. This is the description ...

450Watt SmartPower 2.0 ATX 12V V2.0

What is your verdict Leegend? Those values mean nothing to me.
It'll handle any single video card setup, especially w/AMD CPU's (use less power than Intel).

It will have a problem with the very top end SLI or Crossfire dual video setups. The 12V1 rail is wimpy to run a CPU and a top end vid card.

The Smartpower series are "quieter" i.e. wimpier than the Truepower. Neo series I avoid like the plague. They are usually fancy toys for modders.


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Re: CPU Fan not working (nothing is working)

My guess would be the power connector on your mobo that your CPU fan is connected to doesn't function properly? Maybe you didn't have it plugged into the right power connector?

EDIT: Found "RAM" thread after CPU thread. Merged threads as requested and left in System Builds and Upgrade section.
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