Could someone please explain the difference between:
512M DDR-PC2100: 266mhz
512M DDR-PC2100: 266mhz ECC
512M DDR-PC2100: 266mhz ECC Registered
I'm looking to upgrade my ram, and mb to an ABIT KR7A-Raid Thanx:


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ECC is error checking and correcting...you would buy the first option, only time you need ECC ram is if you plan on running a high traffic server


One other question, my current MB is an Asus K7M. I have a stick of 512 PC 133 ECC ram that a buddy of mine bought for his Mac, but it won't load on mine nor his. If I was to flash my bios would this allow my MB to recognize it? This would be temp till I upgarde the whole system.


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your mobo may not be made to support ECC ram or pc133 ram. check your manual. I know your mobo can only support 768mb and it does say pc 100...so it's possible it just can't take the pc133


Right now I'm using 256 PC 133, and yes I did check the manual I downloaded from Asus, it's only "designed" to use PC 100. This should be fine as the mobo should just default to the 100 setting, right?
I have a stick of 512 PC 133 ECC ram that a buddy of mine bought for his Mac, but it won't load on mine nor his.
I doubt if flashing your bios will get this stick to work for you if it won't work now, but it's possible. Yes, a 133 stick 'should' default to 100.


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The K7M works fine with PC133 SDRAM. I dont think flashing the BIOS is going to make any difference with that memory module. I believe that the MACs use a different type of memory module than PCs do and I do not think that they are compatible with each other. Your friend probably didn't get the right type of module for the MAC that he had. If you go to the memory manufacturers website you can probably find out what type of system that memory module is compatible with.

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