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A little bit before i found out that one of my 128 sdrams was not compatible with windows xp it makes file copying not work properly and other symtoms. i wanted to know is there any way i can make it work? or if i could trae it in for a new one?


i dont think i understand the question, could you go into more depth of what your asking?


not compatible what??? is it like edo ram lol.. i dont think theres any diff. between ram type for XP lol


Are you using to different speed rams? pc100 and a pc133? If you are and are running at 133 front side bus, you are over clocking the pc100 ram stick which can cause all kinds of weird things. Also if your running a pc66 ram stick with pc100 ram stick and are running 100x2=200 fsb than again your overclocking the ram. For a smoth running pc always try to buy the same speed. and if possible the same brand is even better. If your not sure what speed the ram is, take it to a computer shop. They can tell you what it's rated at. If the ram is 3 years or older it's probably a pc66 which will not work on todays computers. I have a 266 fsb which is 133x2=266 I can run pc133 in it but if i put a pc100 in it, it will screw up. You see you can go backwards in ram speed like using a pc133 where a pc100 is only required but not the other way. This also goes for ddr ram. Can't run more speed than is specified for it. If you are confused about 133x2=266 here's how it works. The 133 is the speed that the ram is set at. Some mother boards have a frontside bus multiplier to speed up the data transfer from one device to another. Like the data pathway from your cpu to ram, the data will flow across the mother board at 266mz after the speed is multiplied(x2). But before the x2 multiplier the speed is 133, and thats the speed of ram. Works the same way with 100x2=200fsb. In other words if you have 200 front side bus you need pc100 or higher in your computer. pc 66 will not work here. If you have 266 front side bus than you need pc133, pc100 will not work here. Hope this helps. ikester


I almost forgot, if you have the right speed ram. Sometimes theres not a good connection in the ram slot. Plugged in all the way. So take and plug it in and out about three times. and on the third time make sure it's pushed in all the way! Then see if you have the same problems.
Ram sticks going bad is not very common. But it does happen. A static discharge from your finger can cause it. or it can just be defective. You can call aroun to different computer repair shops and see which one will test for free.

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