RAM shortage and HUGE pagefile


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Much of my RAM is being consumed by an instance of svchost.exe, which is currently using 70MB. At one point last night, Windows had to resize my pagefile, and it has increased today, now up to 1.02GB! I'd rather not restart my computer, since I'm part of the Uptime Project team, but I will if I have to. I know that RAM optimizers aren't really an answer, so I'm hoping for some suggestions.

Perris Calderon

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virus scan please. though I don't think it's a virus

svchost.exe= Service Host Process
Description: Application works as a host process for services that run from dynamic-link libraries.

Security Risk ( Virus/Trojan/Worm/Adware/Spyware ): No
Common Errors: N/A

that's the official take, but run the virus scan anyway...one of the dlls is creating a memory leak somewhere...

I don't have time to search the forum, but enyo posted a program called "advanced program manipulation"

search for that, it's free...then go to the process, right click and try "use less memory"
Sorry, looks like Im gonna hijack this thread, but how many svchosts should there be running? For some reason I constantly have 5 of them :confused:


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Yeah, I'm familiar with the processes and whatnot. I just need to figure out what is creating the memory leak. Perris, I'll search for Enyo's program. Thanks. :)


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Found the program. Is there a way to free up some of the pagefile now, or do I need to reboot?

Edit: Been watching the process... it climbs by 4kb every second. ??? I shut down a couple of programs that I thought may be causing the leak, but no luck yet.

Edit again: No virii found. :)
I could be wrong but I think Windows will release the space over time if not in use and a large pagefile isn't a problem unless you only have 1.2gig on your drive :p


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@Zedric - no spyware. I use SpyBot and Ad-Aware often. :)

@Xie - I gave Windows over a day to release the space, it only increased. You're correct in that it is supposed to free up space on its own though. I just had a memory leak coming from somewhere so I rebooted and all is normal again. The issue with the pagefile was that it had grown to 1.2gb... which is 1gb bigger than normal. I have C: partitioned just for my OS, and so it's not very big to begin with.


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Just out of curiosity muzikool....which port was the svchost listening on? Please don't say 135 :eek: :p :D
If you ain't sure, "download active ports" from the front page link,
and it'll be able to shed some light on things perhaps.
Might even give you a clue as to where to look, and ergo what's causing it. :)

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