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Ram Question


hardware monkey
322mb is a LOT. i only use 105mb.

do you want to use more so less of the pagefile is being used? or just want to fill up your memory for some reason?


hardware monkey
you don't need to put anything in there. if you go to play a game or open a program, it will load into memory. that's what it's for... programs you have running.


a ramdrive is like a small hd make of ram instead of an actual hd, they have programs that allow you to make portions of your ram into a small hd, look it up and see if its what you need
The RAM always resets when restarting. Never store anything important on a RAM-drive. If you want the RAM-drive on startup try putting a shortcut to the command file (.bat) in the startup folder.


if u want to stop using the pagefile... just disable it or give it a small amount of hdd space - it cant use what u dont give it.

(i did read once before bout if u disable pagefile, it just runs stuff via the hdd anyway but in numerous files rather than just in pagefile.sys - hence id recommend more setting pagefile to 100mb or less)


you can't load XP to memory on loading.

RAM just doesn't work that way.

Regret purchasing so much RAM now don't ya :)

There is no point having that much ram. 512 is all you need. Unless your running like 10 copies of Photoshop with a 99 Undo Memory


actually i think 1 gig or 768 would be better then 512 becuase i have 448 which isnt that far away from 512 and yeaterday my computer almost crashed on me because i was working in photoshop had an IE6 browser open and was listening to windows media player. first time it ever happened very strange


well... u had 2 really crap programs running!!!!

Windows Media Player and IE6 =P

use mplayer2... far more efficient.

IE6... pffttttt.... i'm heavily biased towards Mozilla so i won't mention it =P


theres always gonna be something in the future that needs u to have more ram... if u aint planning on upgrading the cpu for a while, u may aswell get more ram. 512mb might be enough for most ppl... but not for all

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